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More than just WordPress staging

Even though creating a WordPress staging site is a cool feature but our WordPress tools still offer a lot more.

You can save more time by not having to sign in to the control panel for every WordPress site you are managing. You can directly manage websites from the SiteHome control panel even in bulk.
It is suitable to use and user-friendly and all these are given to you at no extra cost.

Wordpress tools
wp staging

WordPress Staging in 1-click

A WordPress staging site is basically a clone of your website that is already live. It is independently created by our staging servers.

Staging lets you test and experiment changes whether it is a code snippet, plugin, or theme. It allows to try out new things.

Staging is one that is easy to use; create a duplicate of your site with just one click. Once duplicated, you can go on adding new content or testing codes. One may share feedback on your site by giving them the ‘.staging’ URL.

Once you are done with those changes and everyone seems happy about it, you can safely and neatly migrate those changes to the live website. In a few moments, the new changes will overwrite your old changes.

WordPress Checksum Report

Are you troubled that you may have been infected with a virus? Or you simply want to check whether a malware fix has worked?
This Report checks if your main files match what exists in the official WordPress core respository.
WordPress Tool will definitely let you know if there is something suspicious about the code. This adds an additional proctection on top of our malware scans and other hosting security features.
Wp checksum report
wp themes

Theme Management

One of the things that can affect your site performance is having unused WordPress themes. Quickly see the themes you have installed, activated/ deactivate them and update them in bulk.

Plugin Management

Too many plugins like themes can also contribute to slowdown.

Also having outdated and unsupported plugins can be a security risk.

Perfect for those running multiple sites, WordPress Tools makes it easy and fast to add, remove and update plugins.

wp plugins
Wp users

User Management

Do you have a guest blogger to add or a collaborator? The User Management allows you to add WordPress roles, custom roles and set permissions.
We also say that it is easier to do it in WordPress tools than in the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Settings: Site IDs and URLs

Our responsive control panel allows you to rapidly and easily change the identity of your site.

You can check the Site title, tagline and basic url setting and change them when necessary.

wp plugins
Wp users

Reinstall WordPress

Sometimes you may like to start afresh instead of struggling with a broken website. Start afressh with a clean install on your staging or live site.

This removes all your data but we will make you know this by having you tick a checkbox to confirm that you are aware.

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