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What is our platform different?

Optimised PHP-FPM

Optimised PHP

Our platform is made of up custom codes that enable websites to load faster. We are never limited by old-fashioned hosting.

Faster websites with free CDN

Global CDN

Egacweb host free Content Delivery Network that caches your content at data centers around the world.

99.99% uptime guarantee

Load balancing

Our reputation for rock-solid server uptime is built on our innovative load balancing features.

Three platforms

ach sub-platform – Linux, WordPress, and Windows – is optimized for a tremendous performance.

Google DNS

Google DNS

We make use of the best technology that is provided by Google to translate domain names through the Domain Name System.

Autoscaling servers

We builts a new kind of autoscaling in other for your website(s) to function at the power it needs no matter how busy it gets.

Compress code and images, automatically

Our platform is built with a website acceleration suite as a way to enable any site hosted by us to load faster. This is good for your users and better for SEO; we do know much importance Google places on a website loading speed.

The suite does not only the things you might get warned about, it also resizes and compress images and minifies HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It does not stop there, you can make use of over 40 performance-boosting features to fine tune your site.

A 1-Click option is also available to users who don’t want to get too technical or are too busy. You just need to toggle the button on to see the quick improvement.

compress codes automatically
autoscaling servers

Autoscaling: access to as many servers as your site needs

Our Web hosting plans make use of a unique proprietary autoscaling technology. Very few companies have access to this technology.

What this means that our resources literally scale automatically. Memory, bandwidth, and processing power are all scaled up and down instantly, depending on how the demand is.

If the site experience a hike in traffic, your website will continue to offer the same fast experience it offers to every user.

We optimise PHP in a unique way

It has become very important for us to the latest technologies to continue to provide fast shared hosting. We took our time to take a look at other hosting providers’ speed-boosting technologies and we discovered that they do not scale very well.

They are designed for small companies that make use of single-server and older technologies. For us to work with autoscaling, we discovered that the best to do was for us to write our own web hosting code.

So the PHP-FPM and OPcache were customized to gets the resources it needs. The customization boosts every site running on PHP 5.6 and above. Since we are not limited by CloudLinux, we do not impose restrictions on cores, memory, bandwidth, and processes.

So no matter how your site gets busy, it still remains fast.

Load balancing

Load balancing that does more

Load balancing is about sharing traffic across servers. Other web hosts use load balancing – but not the kind we’ve developed. Their load balancing mitigates failover: if a server goes down, your site will be moved to another, so it stays online.

It’s a kind of disaster recovery. That’s expected: we offer that kind of server redundancy as well, even though we use some of the best hardware in the industry – thanks to our long-term partners at Dell – and a robust 10 Gb network.

But EgacWeb load balancing is of a different caliber.

Our global load balancing makes use of monitors that will respond to traffic load and balance it across multiple servers when needed. Many other providers don’t offer this. The consequence for you is this: with EgacWeb, your site stays online, and remains fast, whatever load the servers are under.

Google-based DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates domain names – and email addresses – into IP addresses. So when you visit a URL, your browser knows the address of the server to download the page from. It’s an essential part of the internet – so it needs to be fast.

Google knows all about fast internet response times – as you’d expect! Their global fibre network leads the industry. It provides a quick and stable response regardless of traffic. So we built our DNS platform on the same infrastructure as Google.

All domains hosted with us benefit from Google DNS.

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Web hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They both have the same effect: your website loads faster. However, they work in different ways. Autoscaling ensures that when your website gets busy, it has access to as much resource as it needs, so it doesn’t slow down. A single site can take advantage of a whole server or many servers.

Load balancing stops other busy websites on our shared platform having an effect on yours. It balances the traffic load between multiple servers. It also works as a safety measure: if in the unlikely event of a server failure, it can ensure that your site stays online.

Your website will be hosted in one of our data centres in Reading, UK. Public content from the site will be stored in servers around the world by our free CDN.

Your email is hosted on separate servers to the website, so that any problems or unexpected load from email doesn’t affect the performance of your site.

Yes, we include 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS measures to protect your website from attacks. This is free of charge with all hosting. For more security features, see our Secure Hosting page.

Yes, all accounts are covered by two-factor authentication (2FA).

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